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When does your brickwork need the Brick Repair London

Posted on March 13th, 2014

Being an owner of the brick house, you must know what causes the brick to crumble and to deteriorate. As the traditionally used building material due to the eco-friendliness, durability and its ascetic value, brickwork is quite common across the town. Many buildings have been constructed years ago, but are still standing with their glory and magnificence. Over the years, the brickwork is affected by multiple deteriorating factors. These environmental and man-made problems will destroy the structural soundness of your bricks and will put a question mark to their beautiful existence. At such time, you will need the brick repair London services from the experts. Numerous causes like water penetration, frost damages, inherent construction faults, chipping and Spelling and efflorescence would compromise the load bearing capacity of the building, if remain unchecked.

An alarming aspect is that such damage cannot be contained to a limited area, if it is not properly rectified in time. Especially, the water ingress will spread to the surrounding bricks and will cause the mortar to crumble. The most effective restoration is the one that caters the entire problem together and ensures the soundness of the brickwork. For example, it is better to avail the brick cleaning London services along with the repointing to completely shake off the negative effects of weathering.

Crumbling Mortar: This is a very frequent problem in the brickwork. Due to the different factors, the mortar loses its adhesive power and starts to come off the joints. It crumbles and falls out, making holes and cavities in the bricks. These later on give space to other deteriorating impacts like water inlet and frost. When you can see the worn out condition of the mortar, you must consult the repointing specialists in the city.

Water penetration: Water penetration is not the actually the initial cause of the decay, but it is triggered by other reason like failing mortar or cracks. Nevertheless, it expedites the deterioration process and can influence a larger portion. The humidity stains are the apparent signs of this problem. The ingress of water through holes will even reach to the inner surface of the bricks, if it is not cured. Another reason of this can be the water absorption from the soil or improper drainage.

Different types of stains on the brickwork: Other than the dust and dirt, there are other stains and splatters that are the enemies to the outlook of the brickwork. It can be the vegetation, efflorescence, moss or the paint blots. The cleaning of these troubling agents is important to keep the building in its best shape. You can hire the paint removals London service and use the cleaning techniques to get rid of them.

Cracks and frost damages: This is another structural related problem that can date back to the time of construction or can happen due to the frequent free-thaw cycles later on. The frost damages are common in the areas where the temperature variations are extreme. The water inside the brick is frozen and when it expands, the cracks can be developed. Other than this, Spelling can be the visual symptom of this problem. In spelling the outer surface of bricks starts to shed off and would need the brick repair London to undo the damage.

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