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Paint Removals London

Paint Removal services in London has increased over recent years. Many people painted their properties because they liked the look of a clean, freshly painted facade, while some painted their surfaces to hide unsightly brickwork damage. In recent years, properties owners have wanted to restore their building, bringing it back to its original natural beauty.

Eventually the masonry paint treatment will chip, discolour and again look unsightly which is when property owners decide to remove the paint to have a clean surface to paint fresh or to expose the brickwork.

Repointing Brick are experts in removing paint from brick. We have developed a method that will remove paint from your brickwork with no impact on the environment and with no damage to your masonry.

The Paint Removal Process

As a reputable Paint Removal company, we ensure our procedures are kind to the environment and soft on the surface materials. Repointing Brick can remove paint coatings from many materials including brick, stone, wood, concrete and metal cladding.

Our method will differ dependent on the surface materials to be cleaned and their condition. Our procedure of removing paint from any surface will minimise the damage to the brick or stonework.

We are happy to perform a test clean, usually to an area to the side or back of property, so our clients can have a vision of how it will look before we start.

Paint removal from brick can be problematic as masonry paint seals and protects the surface from moisture. The paint also soaks into the construction material, as bricks are naturally porous. We tend to start the process with a high-pressure power washer at low pressure and manual tools. The expertise lies in removing the paint efficiently whilst preventing further damage to the brickwork or mortar.

We would advise to use a professional paint removal company to avoid further damage and to ensure that all traces of paint are removed from all crevasses.

Once the paint has been removed from the brickwork, we protect the surface with a sealant that allows the surface to breathe. This protective layer will protect from moisture (rain), the varying British climate changes and moss.

Graffiti Removal process

The same process applies to graffiti removal. We start the process with a high-pressure power washer at low pressure and may use an abrasive pad to scrub away the stubborn areas.

For paint removal or graffiti removal from brickwork or other surfaces, contact Repointing Brick, for a no-obligation quotation.

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