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Stone Restoration

Having a stone building calls for the stone restoration. But, at the same time, it is important to make a trustworthy choice in the contractors. Understanding the stone work and knowing the mortar is very important to preserve the character of the building. This is why the experts in the field have extensive background knowledge about the geological strings and the composition of the stones. Having undertaken a range of projects on masonry, they are intuitive in deciding the right materials and right techniques of the restoration. A perfect job starts from the evaluation of the built work and then this analysis are embedded in devising the approach. The specialists of the field always starts from the small areas for the test purpose and once the results are determined, the complete wall is restored.

One of the hurdles in successful renovation is to find the matching bricks and stones. The stones vary greatly from area to area and due to the concentration of their constituent elements. So, whether it is stone cleaning or the repair, it is important to find the workable strategy. Our interest in the old buildings and the stone masonry results in the desirable promising outcomes in terms of restoration. If your stone wall is ruined by excessive staining like moss, humidity and the water penetration, we will use the appropriate cleaning agents. In case you are looking to rectify the crumbling mortar, the new mortar will be the perfect match to the old one in strength, color and consistency. This is why, people trust us and hand over their masonry to us. The joint profile will also be exactly the same as the old one. The professionals never fail to understand that the project is about the restoration not the construction.
So, the innovative approach must be employed to maintain the old features. The reliable job is the one that imparts a beautiful outlook as well as inherent strength. The weathering effects must be reduced through effective measures. We also work as a subcontractor in the field. It is due to our time effective and cost effective approach to the building restorations. Our professional commitment is to complete the task as soon as possible. We conduct a survey of the building and make a list of the services. The cost and the time is decided with the client’s consent and it is fulfilled through hard work.

In the stone restoration, we make no compromise on the quality of work. Any such thing can prove to be destructive to your building fabric. Our promise is to rejuvenate the building completely and to prepare it to work for many more years to come. For the restoration projects in the London and surrounding areas, contact us today. 

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