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Stone cleaning

Stone cleaning and care is a process which requires expert attention. If you want to properly maintain your stone work, the first thing that must be done is to analyze the geological classification, constituent elements and age of the stones. The deep reexamination must be carried out by the specialists of the field who have comprehensive knowledge about the stone work and its cleaning. It is no surprise that the severe weather impact results in the damage to your stone wall. When the symptoms of decay are visible and there is a threat of structural and ascetic devaluation, you must initiate the stone restoration project. Nevertheless, it is no ordinary job and this is why you must not hand over it to any ordinary people. The success of this preservation project depends upon the worker’s adeptness to the particular stones and his understanding of the nature of the material.

We at brick repointing understand this challenge of the stone masonry and this is the success ingredient in our satisfactory portfolio. We do not skip the important step of evaluation. It helps us to decide the best cleaning agents and the most suitable working technique for your stone work.  In the cleaning of a natural construction material like stone, the user has to take a very careful approach. The mildest of all must be used first and it is best to wash the wall with water only. In the case of hard, difficult to get rid of stains, the more concentrated chemicals can be employed. Another thing that compromises the stone work is the worn out pointing. When the mortar between the joints is withered off, it must also be refilled. In decorating the stone work, it can yield significant results and it will seal off any water inlets. The factors behind the speedy deterioration will be rectified with its help.

Repointing experts in our team are dedicated to restoring the original characteristics of any wall and building. This makes us the most distinctive choice in the market. We are motivated to ensure that your building is restored without any further damage. Having a great pool of equipment and relying on the experienced craftsmanship, we offer the best solutions for your masonry. In addition to this, we promise you professional services in all aspects of customer care. We do not cause any unnecessary delays and try to accomplish the work on the deadline. We believe in customer awareness and you can ask about the quote of Stone cleaning, before hiring us.

We offer the most affordable prices in town and the quality of work has a competitive edge over others. Rejuvenate the stonework by the cost effective and time effective way. 

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