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What are the Steps to Perform the Brick Cleaning London of a Patio?

Posted on March 3rd, 2014

Patios are a great way to enjoy the summers and springs. Sittinginthe patio to have a cup of tea with family and friends is a perfect idea. But, the infrequent use, makes the area look like a debris corner. In the winters, people hardly ever dare to step outdoors and this is the reason that your beautiful paved courtyard will end up in ruins by the end of winters. So, roll you your sleeves and get to work. A brick patio will require Brick Cleaning London to get rid of all the extra weeds and mosses. Other than this, the mortar between the joints also withers off after many years of use. Thus, to completely restore the brickwork, one may have to perform the repointing of mortar joints as well. The broken or loose units must be fixed in place and the bricks that are chipped off must be repaired. An average restoration project can be managed by the individuals, but will require enough of the time and effort. If the area needs some major restorations, you may have to seek the services of Repointing London experts. This is a step by step guide to prepare your patio for a refreshing look.

Remove the extra items:All of the clutter that you have been putting in the patio must be removed before starting the work. A cramped space will be difficult to be managed and since the cleaning involves water, it can be harmful for the machinery or other items.

Analyze the mortar condition:Look closely, if you find the brittle mortar and worn out joints, you must consider torepointthe pavers first. Even the quality and highest standard pointing gives in with the passage of time and will require the refilling of new mortar in the joints. The rough use of patio surfaces also makes it more liable to damages.

Get rid of the weeds:If you have not paid attention to yourpatiofor months, the damp soil will be the right cultivation ground for the weeds and herbs. Making space in the gaps between the units and the broken joints, the weeds work on the formulae of encroachment. They spread like mushrooms and soon you would have the rustic bricks covered with moss and weeds. Use your kitchen knife to carefully root out all of the wild greenery. You can also use the weed killer chemicals to get rid of them for good.

Repoint the mortar:Once the roots have been taken out, the Brick Repair London can be done. It involves repairing all the broken bricks and torepointthe cleaned joints. The process ofrepointingrequires the old mortar to be cut off and taken out. The newly prepared mixture is filled in its place.

Clean with water:Washing the whole brickwork with water is the most common cleaning technique and is the most effective. Using the soapy water or a detergent, the whole area is scrubbed off with the help of the brush. Keep the pavers soaked in the water for a while and then, these must be rinsed with an ample amount of water.

Acid Cleaning:For the hard moss and algae stains, Brick Cleaning London with acid is performed. But, the use of acid must be avoided as much as you can. And always start with the diluted solution. If acid cleaning is not done according to the instructions, it can permanently damage your brickwork. Pour in the acid, let it rest for 3-4 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly.

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