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Brick Cleaning London

Restoring a property to its former elegance is what Repointing Brick prides itself on. To play a part in a structure's transformation back to its original glory, gives us great pleasure.

Brick Cleaning in London and surrounding commuter areas have become increasing popular, as many of the capital's buildings have been damaged through corrosion due to heavy weathering and pollution. Brick Cleaning is not a procedure a property owner is required to do on a regular basis. It will probably occur once every generation, but it is important the job is skilfully carried out so no further damage is caused to the brickwork.

Our tradesmen have many years' experience, with a wealth of knowledge of how to deal with the build-up of muck and dirt in the crevasses which can totally disguise the beautiful features and structural details of a property. All our tradesmen are fully insured, experienced and trained in Brick Cleaning.

London has some of the most expensive properties globally, with their values only ever increasing. Before you consider employing someone to clean your brickwork, make time to do some research into the process. You will need an experienced and specialised company within this niche field. Remember in London, there are many companies out there, but you really need to know the experts from novices.

The Brick Cleaning process

Once work has been agreed with your chosen reputable company, they will start the preparation for work to begin. This usually includes the erection of scaffolding and protective sheeting.

Most companies use a harsh form of cleaning, for example, sandblasting. This is loud, noisy and most of all, damaging to your brickwork. We have chosen to use a softer approach using high-pressure equipment that uses hot steam and hot water to remove paint. For stubborn areas we use an abrasive pad to sand away tricky areas. This technique will remove the dirt and grime and leave the brickwork and mortar in tact. Minimal noise and disruption is caused. The brickwork is then protected with a silicone-based treatment that will prevent water permeation from the British weather.

Repointing Brick offer cleaning services across a range of materials e.g. stone, steel, concrete, slate, tiles and cladding. We also offer to seal the brick or stonework to provide additional weathering protection. We have created environmentally friendly but efficient brick cleaning and silicone-based solutions that are considerate to the environment and kind to your brickwork.

Both Repointing Brick and our clients have the same objective, to visually enhance the appearance of the property and to safeguard it from inevitable weathering and pollution, and in doing so adding value.

For a Brick Cleaning no-obligation quote, information on procedure, cost and timing, please contact us Repointing Brick here

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