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Pebble Dash Removal

Pebbledash is now considered a dated building material throughout the UK. It was primarily invented to provide an inexpensive, low maintenance wall covering that also provided some protection from weathering. It was also an inexpensive option to cover damaged brickwork. Post the 1st World War the UK was faced with a shortage of skilled tradesmen and building supplies. Pebbles were much easier to source and pebbledash finish was easier to apply and did not require highly skilled tradesmen.

Pebbledash should last a minimum of 20 years but during this time and after, it may deteriorate in areas and need repair. Pebbledash deterioration means, pebbles beginning to fall away and beyond the pebbles the underlying mortar may start to crumble. As well as looking dated, the property now looks unattractive with areas of crumbling pebbledash. Not to overlook the fact that the deteriorating pebbledash and mortar may be letting in moisture and leaving the property exposed to cracks and internal damage.

It is important to hire a professional pebbledash removal company, as skill and expertise are required to execute it well and without causing further damage.

The Pebbledash Removal process

Repointing Brick remove pebbledash from brick on a regular basis. Beginning Pebbledash Removal services in London, as stylish Londoners were keen to keep up the with latest home improvement trends. It is a very labour-intensive procedure using hand tools. All our tradesmen are trained and experience in the pebbledash removal process and the restoration of the underlying materials.

When removing pebbledash from the underlying brickwork and lime mortar pointing, it is imperative that it’s removed with care to avoid destroying the brickwork. As a respectable pebbledash removal company, we use manual tools to minimise the potential damage to the underlying surface. Although this is more time-consuming than using power tools, we understand the benefits of using a less destructive method.

In our experience it is always necessary to repair parts of the underlying brickwork. Once the pebbledash is removed the underlying bricks may be cracked in places or mortar joints may be crumbling due to the damaged pebbledash. At Repointing Brick we include an average amount of brick repair/repointing work in all our Pebbledash Removal quotations. If more repair work is necessary, our clients are informed as soon as it’s discovered.

Its important to us that all bricks, mortar and repointing methods are matched ensuring the building heritage is respected and sustained.

For Pebbledash Removal Services contact Repointing Brick [link to contact page] for a no-obligation quotation.

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