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Tuck Pointing London

Bad walls… ugh. You’d agree they not only they look bad but also raise a safety concern. And they are embarrassing too. But what if you repair your walls but end up making them ugly? Even more ugly… That might happen because this is what happens if the mortar you use for repairing walls has a different color than the color of your bricks or wall. You don’t want that. And of course, rebuilding a wall is not such a cost-effective solution. In the end, it is just joints of your wall which need to be repointed. So what are your options, really? Well… it is tuck pointing.

What is Tuck Pointing?

Tuck pointing is a technique used for brick repointing. With tuck pointing, the mortar used is of the same color which is of bricks. This gives brickwork a fine look by giving the impression that no mortar has been used. The mortar can’t really be differentiated from bricks.

Why do joints get weak?

The brickwork joints are damaged due to weather conditions such as rainfall, snowfall, and wind. These events subject the mortar between bricks to undergo erosion. If the rainwater sweeps into weak joints of mortar, the moisture can damage even rocks masonry. When mortar joints become weak, the most convenient and cost-effective solution for a building owner is to repair the affected area instead of renovating the whole building.

Why you need tuck pointing?

Such damage needs immediate attention lest the weak brick structure cause any mishap for the surroundings and the people in that building. However, in a brick building, the bricks may get discolored. The chimney wall or fireplace gets discolored because of smoke. Similarly, the wall which faces the sun gets discolored because of radiations.

Benefits of tuck pointing

Tuck pointing is an important procedure to revamp chimney and fireplace. It extends the following benefits:

1. Erosion and breakdown of mortar joints are controlled.

2. The stability of brickwork structure of affected area like the chimney is restored. If a structure is not repointed in time, it will eventually weaken more and finally will collapse.

3. With the help of tuck pointing, you can prevent water and moisture from entering into the building. If the mortar joints are not repointed and repaired, moisture and water will get into the building and cause serious damages eventually. These damages might be unseen such as the growth of mold, rotten wood, mildew and stains on wallpapers and ceiling.

4. Tuck pointing is a reasonable solution for revitalizing your buildings. Instead of rebuilding, tuck pointing provides a cost-effective solution for the damages which affect your building.

5. Tuck pointing makes your buildings beautiful because the mortar does not has a distinguished color than bricks.

Repointing Bricks London extends the services of tuck pointing. You can always seek suggestions regarding repointing and tuck pointing from our expert professionals. They will not only guide you about the type of pointing your building needs, but they would provide a practical and cost-effective solution for redoing your brickwork.