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Lime Mortar Pointing London

Isn’t it deplorable that your brick building is going to lose its grace and strength…. down the lane?

You have a nice brick building, and you love it. But, it is not going to stay in perfect condition. Not always. At some point in time, it will definitely need repair and repointing. But handling repointing is no joke. It demands keen craftsmanship of bricklaying and dexterity.

Brickwork is an art. It demands expertise and agility. When it comes to period buildings, expertise and skill regarding repointing become highly significant. Well, of course, you have to restore an era. Back in days most builders simply used old cement or masonry cement, which was mixed with water and sand, for repointing. With this mortar, they used to fill gaps between bricks and sealed buildings against climatic forces.

But now, things are done differently. Why not make them better? And now repointing has been made trendier. That being said, those who have a knack for restoration know the significance of lime mortar pointing for repairing vintage buildings, period properties, and homes.

What is lime mortar?

As the name suggests, lime mortar is an offspring of limestone. It allows you to have repointing done in white color which adds to the beauty of brickwork. Due to its benefits, it is highly desirable for repointing. Lime mortar pointing is softer and more flexible than ordinary cement or masonry cement. Let’s take a look at some of its more benefits:

Benefits of lime mortar:

1. The soft and mellow texture of lime mortar gives a flexible canvas for repointing your buildings.

2. It is better for builders, buildings and the environment because it allows your building to breathe as compared to ordinary cement. If the wall becomes over loaded with moisture and has no means of release; the accumulated moisture will surely become problematic. Undoubtedly, the largest contributor to damp in historic walls has been the widespread use of cement-based materials. Lime mortar allows a structure to ‘breathe.’ It lets water enter and leaves the walls freely as conditions vary outside.

3. The problems like dampness in the building can be taken care of with the help of lime mortar. Which means there will be lesser depreciation of walls and overall building.

4. Lime mortar has the ability to absorb and release moisture. This ability enables old, solid walling to allow for structural movement.

At Repointing Brick UK, we carry out the lime mortar pointing in its true spirit. We know how things get ruined when some impurity is added to limestone. We are aware of the fact that the application of lime mortar demands expertise and dexterity. Also, the mortar has to be made in a perfect manner with a standard amount of lime and sand mixed together. Not every establishment in the town can do pointing like Repointing Brick UK.

You can set up an appointment with our experts at 07956 393 381 now and ask about your queries and concerns.